Snapr is a new platform that makes it easy
to create great photo apps.

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Create an App

Customizable cross platform app templates.

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Extend Your App

Add a photosharing section to your existing app.

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Add Photo FX to an App

Design your own filters and sticker packs.

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Create a Photo Comp

Photo competitions with web and Facebook integration.

How It Works:

Snapr offers a fully featured, themeable, HTML 5 photo app.

You can add effects and publish apps for iOS and Android using native wrapper apps from Snapr.

Use our codebase, API, and portal to build and manage your own products.


All Snapr resources are free to use for apps that use ‘Sign In with Snapr’.

Commercial pricing is also available for white label apps.

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More Awesomeness:

  • Fully integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Foursquare

    Login to apps with Twitter or Facebook. Painlessly enable sharing of photos to multiple social networks. Publish selected photos to your official Social Media accounts via the photo CMS.

  • Advanced Location Capabilities

    Snapr comes bundled with a number of advanced location features and deep integration with Foursquare’s venue API. Create photo maps and generate dynamic lists of popular places among your apps users.

  • Built To Scale

    Snapr is built off Amazon Web services and already serves nearly 2 million users. Let us deal with your scaling problems!

  • Your Own Social Network

    Every app gets its own social network with the ability for users to follow each other. Develop your community with the help of Snapr’s photo CMS, and an in app Tumblr blog.

  • Beautiful HTML 5 Templates

    Snapr is designed to open photo app development up to a wide range of developers. Anyone with a working knowledge of HTML & CSS can create an app. No native coding required!

Ask us about these Special Features:

  • Analytics

    Track sign ups and usage for your app in real time. See numbers of shares to third party sites such as Facebook and Twitter. View a summary of your most active users, popular content, and trending locations.

  • Brand Copy

    Easily set copy to be added to messages shared to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr & Foursquare from your app. Be sure that hashtags for your campaign or event will be correct, or promote your apps features.

  • Ad Placements

    Display banner ads within your app. Place special ads on certain venue pages or with venue based check ins Case Study »

  • Recommended Spots

    Create lists of recommended spots within your app. Direct people to featured merchant destinations.

  • Local Deals

    Snapr has a custom platform for adding local deals to venues within your app. Offer deals to all users of your app or certain user groups, or add a game layer - offer deals only to top users / groups. Case Study »

  • Multi-lingual Support

    App templates include support for multiple languages. Release your app accross multiple territories, or use custom translations for the default english to give your copy a distinct / branded twist.

  • Age Gate

    Apps can be set to have an age gate where users are asked to confirm their age before using the app. The age limit can also be checked via Facebook sign in. Great for age sensitive and alcohol related promotions.

  • Mailing Lists

    Access the mailing list for opt in users of your app. Use Campaign Monitor to send and manage campaigns. Use our special email templates tweaked for presentation of photo apps.

  • Your Idea Here!

    We want to build the tools you need. If there is a feature you would like to see in the Snapr toolkit please let us know! Contact Us »